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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pancake Sundays

Studying in North America, I've become exposed to the culture here, and seeing as this is a temporary phase of my life, I've decided to adopt its traditions. Previously I mentioned how I cooked stew, cupcakes and even Kraft dinner, all very North American, even if I spiced them up a bit.

It is Sunday December the 13th, and Vancouver is covered with this winters first proper snow, it's a quiet Sunday, I have one exam left and not for a while, I don't have much to do as most people are busy with their exams, so I decided to make Pancakes, what can be more synonymous with American culture than making pancakes on a late and lazy Sunday morning?

I decided that I wouldnt spice up the classic recipe, I mixed flour with some baking powder, butter, vanilla, an egg and a pinch of salt. All very basic, all very warming. I heard in movies, television and the such that the first pancake (also called the "practice" pancake) always goes wrong, so I was determined to break that cycle and make a perfect practice pancake... I failed.

The first pancake was more cylindrical than round and was rather burnt (so was the second) but then I got into the rhythm and it all fell into place. Making and preparing pancakes cannot be any easier, in fact I do not understand why some people buy those ready batters, making it from scratch takes no time at all and is strangely satisfying.

I made a nice little batch, but I decided to add a tropical touch when it came to serving it. Instead of going with the classic butter and maple syrup, I served it with organic yogurt flavored with real coconut, and some cream cheese for those that wanted a more savory start to the day. Honestly the coconut and the texture of the yogurt was amazing with the taste and texture of the pancake, it was a perfect way to start a lazy sunday, served with a nice hot cup of tea.

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