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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gold Dispensing ATM

In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates at the Emirates Palace Hotel a german company has built the first ATM that takes cash and dispenses gold bars weighing 10grams. I know that a lot of people will look at this and again talk of access etc etc but honestly I think its an innovative and creative idea.

Think of it this way, lets say you were at the hotel with your significant other, and wanted to give them a special gift, then why not a small bar of gold, its brilliant! Its also an investment, if you buy a few bars when the prices are low, you can sit on it for years and sell them back for a profit if the prices rise (which if they follow the trends will in the long run).

This machine was invented by Thomas Geissler a German national and CEO of Gold-to-go the ATM was previously installed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and had a positive reception.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

MP of a Racist Party Street Fighting

This was just amazingly funny. The BNP (British National Party) is an extremely racist and homophobic party, they previously even had a whites only rule for people that wanted to join, in fact you arent allowed to be a member of the BNP if you are in the police in the UK, and prisoners arent allowed to join it.

It might seem strange that in the UK, a democratic country there would be prejudices against people from certain parties to have certain jobs, but the UK has very developed laws against the spread of hate and racism, and so since the police are in charge of ensuring safety to all, they dont allow people that are part of blatantly racist parties to join.

This video was uploaded by a youtuber called Nejtaylor, check out his profile here.

The leader of the BNP Nick Griffin in his attempts to gain more power is distancing himself from some of his previous claims, which even included Holocaust denial. In fact in 1998 he was convicted of violating section 19 of the public order act 1986, by spreading material that is hateful against groups. Out of all British political parties, including the conservatives, the BNP was the only one to oppose civil partnerships for same sex couples.

Back to the video though, I think its amazing, but kudos for Bob Bailey, he held his ground in that fight, theres something hillarious about seeing a suited man running for a seat in parliament to get into and win a street fight with some chavs. I guess the only thing funnier is the (now usual) fights in Taiwanese parliament.

This video was uploaded by a youtuber called sinnawinning check out her profile here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Annoyingly Catchy Song

Ok this song has been replaying in my head for two weeks no, so I want to share the misery. Everything i do, every moment of my life my head is sing one of the following:

"Where the lemonade is made...sweet lemonade...mmm sweet lemonade...yah sweet lemonade"
"Get on my horse I'll take you 'round the universe and all the other places too"
"I think you'll find that the universe pretty much covers everything...Shut up woman get on my horse"

"Look at my horse my hores is amazing...give it a lick...mmm it takes like raisins"
"well I better not show you where the lemonade is made...sweet lemonade...mmm sweet lemonade...mmm sweet lemonade...yah sweet lemonade"

This song is just too fun, I dont know where its the way he sings about the lemonade (addicted to that part) or the way it just keeps repeating, but I am addicted to it. Its made by a guy on youtube, he is amazingly talented, check out his profile here.

I Love You Phillip Morris

I just saw the movie "I Love You Phillip Morris" with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor and I was AMAZED. The movie was exceptionally funny and well made. usually I hate watching movies with Jim Carrey because his facial expressions freak me out too much, but I was surprised to find that this time he actually didnt do that much spazing out. What was shocking though was that it is a depiction of actual events.

After finishing the movie I thought it was impossible that such things actually happened, so I did some research and they actually did! The main character (played by Carrey) is called Steven Jay Russel, and he is just a Genius. He is now in his fifties and is in an American jail. Below are some details of what this man did, but dont read them if you dont want the movie spoiled.

I wont mention the different schemes he used to get money, I'll just mention some of the methods he used to escape from prison.

Steven Russel in one of his methods, took art classes in prison and used them as a chance to steel green pens, he then broke them (when he had enough) into his toilet bowl and used the green water to die his white overalls green and then just walked out of prison as a nurse.

This image of Steven Jay Russel is from an article from the Guardian

At another time, he starved himself slowly, started vomiting and typed a medical report tat said he was HIV positive, he then made his symptoms get gradually worse before overdosing on medication that made him go into a coma for four days. After which he was released to an outside care home. From the care home he called the prison and pretended to be an AIDs researcher looking for patients. The prison agreed to have Steven Russel given to the "doctor" and then he latter called them and told them that he had died. (He never was HIV positive)

After he was considered dead, he returned to prison pretending to be a lawyer just so he can see his lover Phillip Morris. This man escaped from prison four times! Just to see his lover. This all sounds like fiction, but it actually happened. Steven Jay Russel is a real person and so is Phillip Morris.

It is amazing that such a mind could be criminal. He claims that his IQ is 163, imagine if properly trained what that mind could do. Its a shame that he is just in prison. I know that he is a criminal and that he stole a decent amount of money, but honestly, we should not be wasting such a mind. He is now under maximum security in Texas serving the 144 year prison sentence. I honestly believe though that he deserves and at this point has earned a pardon.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Buff Cows

This must be one of the strangest things I've seen in quite some time. This video by National geographic shows a breeding program where cows and bulls with a gene that allows their muscles to grow larger than normal have been bred. Through this natural selection, they've developed a line of cattle that's just MASSIVE. Check them out on the video bellow.

The technical name for these cows are Belgian Blue Cattle, but there are also called the Super Cows and the Hulk Cows.

This breed is becoming very popular because of its high meat yield and low fat percentage. prices range from 1500$ to 3000$ and the meat according to the MNP Farm website has less fat, less calories and less cholesterol than fish, chicken and traditional beef. Click here for more pictures.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man Survives for Decades Without Food or Water

On Thursday the 29th of April there was an article on the BBC News Website about a man in India that supposedly survived without food or water for 70 years.

I did some research and the same man was mentioned on Fox News, The Telegraph as well as other sites all over the net. He claims that he apparently gets all the energy he needs through meditation. What's happening now is a hospital in Ahmedabad is putting him under 24hr surveilance to make sure this isn't a hoax. Even the Indian military is on this, hoping to make use of this phenomenon if it turns out to be genuine.

So far this "holly man" Prahlad Jani has not eaten or drank for six days, and whats shocking the doctors even more is that he hasn't passed stool or urine in that time. Prahlad Jani claims that when he was 8 he was blessed with a goddess to survive without sustenance. The human record for going without food is 74 days.

Doctors plan to observe him for another 15 days, they will check for signs of muscle deterioration, lethargy and dehydration. If those occur, then he is simple feeding of his own body, if not then there could be something to this. This practice is called breatharianism and involves surviving without food or water. Some believers claim that their nourishment comes from Prana, the vital life source in Hinduism. All past scientific tests to prove that this exists have failed.

Happy Homeless Man's Talent

I was out one day with a few friends at Gastown Vancouver, when two of us decided to step out of the venue for some fresh air. A homeless man approached me and I automatically rolled my eyes mentally and prepared the "I'm sorry I have no change" answer (Far too many homeless people in Gastown).

To my surprise we just smiled and said that we looked good together and then asked if he could draw us. (Now before any of you laugh at me, I am well aware that its just a strategy he uses to make people give him money, but still it felt good getting complimented so I didn't mind).

Right in front of me, he grabbed a piece of cardboard and using a black marker sketched a caricature of my friend and I. He signed it Alex and then gave it to us. I now treasure that sketch, and still have, in fact I walked back into a "trendy" establishment with a large piece of cardboard and placed it on the table beside me. Good luck Alex, where ever you are.

PS: This man should guest lecture in a Marketing class.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falconry and Hunting in Morocco

My father has a tradition to go hunting in a remote area in Morocco called Gulmeem, its about six hours driving from Marrakech. Our convoy drove there in the afternoon, and we all sent the night at a small hunting lodge we have in the area to prepare for the hunt.

Our day started at 4am, we all got dressed warmly (even though its very sunny the weather outside was incredibly cold) and had a full hearty breakfast. The porridge shown in the picture bellow is an Emirati delicacy called Harees, it's made of ground wheat accented with whatever meat is available (from lamb to gazelle).

Our hunting party then gathered for a pre-hunt picture. Besides using guns, we also used falcons in the traditional arabian falconry. Our prized catch was a bird called the Houbara Bustard, its very hard to find, but has been traditionally hunted in Arabia. This bird unlike others we do not shoot, we use the falcons to catch it


Before we headed out, we sent a few scouts; seasoned bedouins, trained at finding the bird and the areas of the desert that is rich in game. Until the spot the bustard, we drove into the wilderness to find a campsite for our lunch, all the while hunting what game came in our way.

We all had a great lunch after a thrilling hunt, eating with our hands in the traditional way (I found that exceptionally challenging because in some families the old ways of eating were never used with the new generation).

The scouts finally radioed in their positions, and the entire party ran into our fleet, we drove at break neck speeds; afraid to loose that bird, it was the first (and as it turned out last) bird to be found that season. using our cars we scared the bird out of the shrubs, and as it ran gaining speed we released the falcon. It was fascinating the bird flew high, spotted the bustard and dived in, and the tw large birds started wrestling, until our falcon won, and we jumped in and caught the bustard alive.

Mysteries of Marrakech Morocco

Ater seeing the photos posted on a blog called The House in Marrakech the memories of how beautiful that city is all resurfaced, I've been there with a few friends for our high school reunion, and we had a killer time.

Ok, so we dont usually do the whole tourist thing, but when we had a break from sunbathing at Niki Beach Marrakech we did sneak a trip to the Jamea Al Fena market.
A friend insisted we see the snake charmers (most of us refused at first) but we gave in, and we regretted it, the picture below looks innocent enough, but seconds after it was taking a snake charmer grabbed one by its head, exposed its fangs, started saying prayers, and cut his own tongue!

He then dabbed a finger in the blood on his tongue and tried to wipe it as a "blessing" on one of my friends foreheads! I have never seen him run away so fast...

Best Way to Stop Carjackers

One night a few friends and I were going to see a movie at the cinema. Parking inside the underground parking was a battered looking white van with a white paper stuck to the inside:

This has to be THE most honest car security system in the world...

Friends Reacting to 1 Guy 1 Cup

So one day I was having dinner with a few friends in uni, after setting off the alarm, evacuating at least 200 hundred people, and causing the fire brigade to come, we decided that it was best if we just calmed down and had a relaxing night...

Hell no, its 2010 and everyone has ADHD, so I put on "1 guy 1 cup" see how they reacted:

Almost everyone has seen the "2 girls 1 cup" video, but this... this is SO MUCH more disturbing...see the video for yourselves, at:


This video involves a man, a glass jar, an anus, breaking, and a lot of blood...