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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris

I just saw the movie "I Love You Phillip Morris" with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor and I was AMAZED. The movie was exceptionally funny and well made. usually I hate watching movies with Jim Carrey because his facial expressions freak me out too much, but I was surprised to find that this time he actually didnt do that much spazing out. What was shocking though was that it is a depiction of actual events.

After finishing the movie I thought it was impossible that such things actually happened, so I did some research and they actually did! The main character (played by Carrey) is called Steven Jay Russel, and he is just a Genius. He is now in his fifties and is in an American jail. Below are some details of what this man did, but dont read them if you dont want the movie spoiled.

I wont mention the different schemes he used to get money, I'll just mention some of the methods he used to escape from prison.

Steven Russel in one of his methods, took art classes in prison and used them as a chance to steel green pens, he then broke them (when he had enough) into his toilet bowl and used the green water to die his white overalls green and then just walked out of prison as a nurse.

This image of Steven Jay Russel is from an article from the Guardian

At another time, he starved himself slowly, started vomiting and typed a medical report tat said he was HIV positive, he then made his symptoms get gradually worse before overdosing on medication that made him go into a coma for four days. After which he was released to an outside care home. From the care home he called the prison and pretended to be an AIDs researcher looking for patients. The prison agreed to have Steven Russel given to the "doctor" and then he latter called them and told them that he had died. (He never was HIV positive)

After he was considered dead, he returned to prison pretending to be a lawyer just so he can see his lover Phillip Morris. This man escaped from prison four times! Just to see his lover. This all sounds like fiction, but it actually happened. Steven Jay Russel is a real person and so is Phillip Morris.

It is amazing that such a mind could be criminal. He claims that his IQ is 163, imagine if properly trained what that mind could do. Its a shame that he is just in prison. I know that he is a criminal and that he stole a decent amount of money, but honestly, we should not be wasting such a mind. He is now under maximum security in Texas serving the 144 year prison sentence. I honestly believe though that he deserves and at this point has earned a pardon.

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