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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man Survives for Decades Without Food or Water

On Thursday the 29th of April there was an article on the BBC News Website about a man in India that supposedly survived without food or water for 70 years.

I did some research and the same man was mentioned on Fox News, The Telegraph as well as other sites all over the net. He claims that he apparently gets all the energy he needs through meditation. What's happening now is a hospital in Ahmedabad is putting him under 24hr surveilance to make sure this isn't a hoax. Even the Indian military is on this, hoping to make use of this phenomenon if it turns out to be genuine.

So far this "holly man" Prahlad Jani has not eaten or drank for six days, and whats shocking the doctors even more is that he hasn't passed stool or urine in that time. Prahlad Jani claims that when he was 8 he was blessed with a goddess to survive without sustenance. The human record for going without food is 74 days.

Doctors plan to observe him for another 15 days, they will check for signs of muscle deterioration, lethargy and dehydration. If those occur, then he is simple feeding of his own body, if not then there could be something to this. This practice is called breatharianism and involves surviving without food or water. Some believers claim that their nourishment comes from Prana, the vital life source in Hinduism. All past scientific tests to prove that this exists have failed.

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