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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mysteries of Marrakech Morocco

Ater seeing the photos posted on a blog called The House in Marrakech the memories of how beautiful that city is all resurfaced, I've been there with a few friends for our high school reunion, and we had a killer time.

Ok, so we dont usually do the whole tourist thing, but when we had a break from sunbathing at Niki Beach Marrakech we did sneak a trip to the Jamea Al Fena market.
A friend insisted we see the snake charmers (most of us refused at first) but we gave in, and we regretted it, the picture below looks innocent enough, but seconds after it was taking a snake charmer grabbed one by its head, exposed its fangs, started saying prayers, and cut his own tongue!

He then dabbed a finger in the blood on his tongue and tried to wipe it as a "blessing" on one of my friends foreheads! I have never seen him run away so fast...

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  1. This is just the beginning of the naked truth
    , a research about the square is taking place after 2 months it will be posted in thanks