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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Homeless Man's Talent

I was out one day with a few friends at Gastown Vancouver, when two of us decided to step out of the venue for some fresh air. A homeless man approached me and I automatically rolled my eyes mentally and prepared the "I'm sorry I have no change" answer (Far too many homeless people in Gastown).

To my surprise we just smiled and said that we looked good together and then asked if he could draw us. (Now before any of you laugh at me, I am well aware that its just a strategy he uses to make people give him money, but still it felt good getting complimented so I didn't mind).

Right in front of me, he grabbed a piece of cardboard and using a black marker sketched a caricature of my friend and I. He signed it Alex and then gave it to us. I now treasure that sketch, and still have, in fact I walked back into a "trendy" establishment with a large piece of cardboard and placed it on the table beside me. Good luck Alex, where ever you are.

PS: This man should guest lecture in a Marketing class.

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